Catch your audience – and change the world

I never show up with a fixed manual. I develop all my training to fit the people I train as individuals. Taking into account their expertise, their skills, personality and needs when it comes to communication training. I design the content of my courses, coaching and talks, with a strong integration of the messages my clients are going to communicate both internally and externally. My training develops their skills and strengthens their voices as leaders with passion, integrity and trustworthiness.


Communication training with an academic foundation

My training, courses and coaching are rooted in both rhetorical theory and communication theory. To give you the proper knowledge and skills within public speaking and presentation technique I also draws on knowledge and tools from the fields of body language, voice training, psychology, appreciate inquiry and learning theory.


Your public speaking coach Annette Bjerre Ryhede

I have a master in strategic communication and am assistant professor at the University of Roskilde in Denmark. Since 2005 I have trained and coached more than 4500 leaders, specialists, consultants, politicians and students.

I work with clients in both the public and private sphere, Danish unions as well as students and employees at the universities of Denmark. Among my customers are FLSmidth, Grundfoss, Danske Bank, Maersk Drilling, Copenhagen University, KL – Local Government Denmark, Copenhagen Municipality, Great Place to Work, Oxford Research, and The Capital Region of Denmark.

You will learn

  • How to make an impact while speaking and giving presentations
  • How to use your body language and your voice to get your message through
  • How to target your presentation at your specific target group
  • How to stay calm, relaxed and have an impact on your audience

Active learning

The communication training of ARTIKULATION is focused on active learning. One does not learn how to become a better speaker and presenter, with the ability to conduct targeted presentations, by listening to others talk about it. Therefore the participants are continuously led through exercises. Each time they are presented with a theory and a tool, the participants are guided into using it in an exercise.
This is the only method hat will make the participants able to use the knowledge and tools from the course – after the course. The course is designed to give the participants self-confidence and help them find their unique, authentic and trustworthy style as communicators.

I would love to hear more about your thoughts on your needs for communication training and how I can be of help.

Please feel free to contact me